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Wired Chapter 1




“Tell me your never going to forget your mission, James.” “I won’t forget professor.” “to make sure you don’t forget, repeat the mission” “My mission is to find the flash drive then bring it back to you, no matter the cost.” “Good, listen, I want you to search their house high and low. do not stop until you find it, avenge your fathers work. Then become the 5th scientist. Repeat after me. I James Luke Brown” “I James Luke Brown.” “Will search their house high and low, and will not stop until I find it.” “Will search their house high and low, and will not stop until I find it.” “I will avenge my fathers work and become the 5th scientist.” “I Will avenge my fathers work and become the 5th scientist.” “Good, now, make professor proud. wait one more thing. You cant be smart, so i want you to fake being dumb” “okay” “Okay now you can make professor proud.” “I will” “I know yjou will”


I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, well my mom.”Get up. Natalie, your going to be late for school.” my mother says. I HATE school, everyone makes fun of me because i’m smart. I forgot that im transferring to 11th grade because im too smart for middle school. I press the button that lets my voice go to my mothers watch, and turn on the video feed “Do I have to go to school?” my voice sounds more sleepy than i intended it to be.
“Yes you do. Now get ready.” I try to turn the video feed off, but it doesn’t. “I can only turn off the feed, I programmed it to be that way from now on.” my mother says. You want to go there. Well, game-on.
I get up and out of bed, and un-plug the alarm clock. My mothers face disappears from the screen. “I won.” I mutter to myself. I look down at my watch, its 7:25am. I wasted my extra sleep time by arguing with my mother.
I get into the shower, press what type of water transformation I want-rain-and turn on the radio. I start to hum along to the song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction. The next thing I know im singing along, i’m not that bad. I get out of the shower and walk to my room. I get dressed in some shorts and a t-shirt,I stare at my reflection and see a girl with long light brown hair, with light blue eyes. I brush my teeth, and go down stairs.
I see my eighteen year old brother waiting by the door for me, well he’s adopted. I grab my backpack and lunch then walk out the door. “are you nervous?” James asks. “no” i reply.”How come your so smart?” I actually don’t know how, its like I was born with the ability.”I don’t know, it just comes easily to me.”

I wait at the bus stop reading a book about physics and listening to music. People always tell me that i’m crazy or mental for wanting to read all the time. But i don’t mind. The bus arrives and i get nervous. The bus driver gives me a friendly smile, i feel better. I get dirty looks from every body, except the bus driver and James. James sits down with his girl friend.
I look for an empty seat, to my luck, all the seats are taken. I sit down next to this girl without making eye contact, pull my book out and put my earbuds in. Before I put them in I hear a boy laugh “Your actually reading that?” he says too loud and gets the whole bus’ attention while pointing at my physics book. Everyone starts laughing and James is trying not to laugh. I try not to get angry, I stand up and turn around to face the boy. “Well that means I actually have a brain.” I tell him off. Everyone winces ans says ‘ooh’ the boys cheeks are now a deep scarlet red. “Awwww look, hes blushing.” I say with that tone that you would use if you said a baby was sleeping. Of course that makes him blush even more, I smirk and sit back down.
I put my earbuds in and continue reading. I get looks from everybody, but they go back to texting or whatever they were doing before I got on. Im in the middle of learning about Sir Isaac Newton when the bus stops. I get up, put my book in my backpack and get off the bus. I see James didn’t wait for me, typical James.

+ + +

I walk up to the lady at the front desk. “Hi, I’m Allyson Natalie Evans Wright.” My parents both chose a name for me, my dad came up with Allyson Wright. My mom chose the name Natalie Evans. So my mom calls me Natalie, my dad calls me Ally.
The lady looks up at me and smiles. “You must be our new student. Im Ms. Ruth.” I want to get on her nice list, so I complement her “You have really pretty hair.” Ms.Ruth has short red hair and light green eyes. “Why thank you, thats the nicest thing anyones said to me all day.” Ms. Ruth says a little too perkily.Shes starting to get annoying now. “Well here’s your schedule and locker combination.” “Thanks.” “Anything for you sweet pea, have a good first day.” Ms. ruth waves at me a little too vigerously. “You to.” I walk away from the desk and roll my eyes.
I try to find locker six fifty eight, 654, 656, 658. My locker, and I got a top locker.
Im dangerously short, I have to stand on my tippy toes to do my combination. 8-38-24, I finally get my books in my locker and get to my first period. Biology.

1st Biology rm 115 Mr. Parsons
2nd Geometry rm 248 Ms. Mathews
3rd Health rm 136 Ms. Richardson
4th Lunch cafeteria
5th Physics rm 235 Mr. Nelson
6th Band ensemble room Ms. Hills
7th history rm 127 Ms. Williams
8th football field Coach Morano

My first period class is around here somewhere. Im lost. I tap a girls shoulder, “Excuse me, Im wondering if you can tell me where Mr. Parsons classroom is?” “Go down this hall, make a left first classroom on the left.” “Thanks” “Anytime” I walk away from her and go down the hall to the left and…there it is. Mr. Parsons Biology. I walk into the classroom and take a seat in the Back row waiting anxiously.
Other students start to arrive looking at me like I have two heads, just ignore them you’re here to learn. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around. A freakishly tall buff boy looks down on me like im his lunch. “Hey kid, your in my seat.” I clench my fists’. Dont let him treat you like that, just because your a kid.
I take a deep breath.
“And?” he looks like he wants to punch me.
“Get out of my seat. Or I’ll take your lunch money.” I start thinking. Then I start laughing.
“whats so funny? Kid” I look him dead in the eyes and say
“I know you wont take my lunch money, because you cant. My dad put it in online. By the looks of your fists’ it looks like you want to punch me, but you wont.” people are starting to stare.
“What makes you think I won’t?”
” I know you won’t because, One: Im a girl. Two: Im younger than you, and Three: I can kick your butt.” The bell rings before he can respond. “Looks like you’ve been saved by the bell” I say to him he looks like he might explode if he doesn’t talk back. Mr. Parsons comes in at this time.
“Everyone take your seats. Class has begun.” Then he looks up and spots me. “Looks like the new student has arrived.” Mr. Parsons says with enthusiasm “Whats your name?.”
“Allyson. But you can call me Good ol’ Ally”
“Well Good ol’ Ally, welcome to West Wood High. Can I ask how old you are?”
“Thank you, and I’m thirteen years old.” He looks shocked. “Oaky, let’s get class started. Brent, have a seat.” I chuckle at his name. “Well, Mr. Parsons. Ally here took my seat.” He says through clenched teeth. “Just find another one. Here sit up-front.” Brent gives me the death glare, then starts walking to the front.
“Hey Brent, you learn more in the front, looks like you need it.” I say that last part in a whisper. Apparently, a few people heard it and started chuckling. “Well people, who knows what malaria is?” Oh my gosh. I feel like I’m in kindergarten. I raise my hand. “Ally”
“Malaria is a mosquito-born infectious disease.” Mr. Parsons looks impressed. “Very good, can anyone tell me how it’s caused?” I raise my hand again. “Come on people, we’ve been on this subject for a week now and Ally’s the only one that knows?” I see Brent raise his hand, I’m going to watch him fail. “Brent.” “Malaria is caused by Plasmodium.” Mr. Parsons gives him a look that tell him that he got it wrong.”
“Brent got that wrong, Malaria is caused by other animals caused by the protists of the genus Plasmodium.” I correct him “Excellent”
The rest of the day passes by in a blur, when I get to history we get this assignment where we have to write a report on a famous person from the 2000
I get to my last period, football. I stop right in my tracks when I see Brent on the field.

Authors note: All rights reserved for this story, no getting the same idea and changing it up and making it yours. Love ya-Emily Xoxo-

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